From 2018 on EUPMAN continues as an official association (vereniging) by the name of Association for Research Managers and Administrators-the Netherlands (ARMA-NL).

21st and last EUPMAN meeting and the first and founding ARMA-NL meeting took place in Utrecht on Tuesday 29 May 2018

We celebrated the successful 10 years of EUPMAN and had the official first and founding meeting of ARMA-NL (oprichtingsvergadering).

Please visit the teaser website www.ARMANL.nl for the mission and vision of ARMA-NL and to leave your name and email adress so we know you are interested to become a member an to send you the latest information on developments within ARMA-NL. Please see the Utrecht meeting in the EUPMAN private website for more information and the concept statutes.

Our mission is to support the professionalization of our members by offering a platform for exchange of expertise, knowledge and experiences and to provide an overview of training opportunities and courses. ARMA-NL will also develop their own trainingprogrammes together with our partners.

Our members include professionals active in advice, management and administration of international as well as national financed research, innovation and education projects. ARMA-NL offers its members a professional network, personal development, advances the interest of the profession, and acts as a discussion partner for stakeholders on developments concerning research support.

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In 2007, a small group of people took the initiative to establish an EU Project Managers Association in The Netherlands (EUPMAN). The goal of EUPMAN is to bring together all EU-project managers in the Netherlands and to offer a forum for the exchange of information and experiences in relation to the coordination and management of EU-projects. Our aim is to share best practices and to offer support for project managers that are new in the field.

Ten years later, EUPMAN has over 500 members from academia, research organisations and industry. Our members are active in the day-to-day management of EU-projects, be it from the Framework Programmes (FP7/H2020) or other EU-funded research. In our Association different levels of experience in EU project management are represented. We particularly encourage those who are new to EU project management to make use of the knowledge and expertise of the EUPMAN platform.

Individuals who are involved in EU project management and other grant support are encouraged to join EUPMAN and to contribute to discussions and exchange of expertise.

This website has a public domain, to inform non-members about the activities of EUPMAN, and a private domain, only accessible for members, which has a document repository with useful information for EU-project managers and an archive containing all issues, information and discussions that passed via our EUPMAN e-mail discussion list.